Leeds DIOCESAN BRANCH – Formed 1910

President: Mrs Barbara Stitt
Branch Secretary: Mrs Joan Cheetham
Branch Treasurer: Mrs Eileen Worton
OLC Representative: Mrs Mary Rodwell
Chaplain. Father Nicholas Hird

Sections at: Harrogate and Wakefield. We have 42 members and 2 Direct members. If you would like more information on the Catholic Women’s League in Leeds then please contact    leeds@cwlhq.org.uk

Members from Leeds and Middlesbrough braving the wind and rain at Studley Roger near Ripon on June 28thfor their annual pilgrimage to commemorate the dead of both world wars and especially those who passed through Ripon on their journey to the Front.

 This is the War memorial erected in 1921 by the CWL to honour the troops from Yorkshire regiments,  killed at the Battle of the Somme on July 1st 1916. The site is where the CWL  from West Yorkshire erected and ran the” Mother Hut” which provided meals, rest facilities, a chapel and a library for the troops awaiting transport to France and Flanders. The hut was in use again in World War ll .